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Representing Sydney, Papertoy’s sound is a product of his love for hip hop, r’n’b and electronic music.

Based out of a studio in Surry Hills Papertoy provides a one stop shop of production, recording and mixing for all artists that come into the studio. Focusing on collaborating with other artists, Papertoy has production credits both locally and internationally including The Thundamentals, Omar Musa, The Tongue, Birdz, Tasman Keith, Kobie Dee, Left Projects, Frenzy, Atari Jones, Isaac Danquah and more.

Working closely with Skinnyfish Music from the Northern Territory, Papertoy has also worked on production and remixes for The Lonely Boys, B2M and Ripple Effect as well as providing additional production alongside other producers including Adit of Horrorshow and James Mangohig. Papertoy has also released solo music via WVS, Low Key Source, DIE HIGH, Future Sounds and Moose records.

Passionate about playing a part in the development and evolution of hip hop in Australia, Papertoy has been working behind the scenes for years and has a lot of exciting music coming out just over the horizon.



Production for other artists, solo tracks, remixes and additional production


production credits

2019 Kobie Dee - This Life ft. Bea Moon (prod. by Papertoy)

2019 Tasman Keith - Move Up (prod. by Papertoy)

2019 Skinnyfish Soundsystem - Smoking Ceremony (prod. by James Mangohig & Papertoy)

2018 Turquoise Prince - Eric Banas (prod. by Papertoy)

2018 Leftprojects - Swank (additional production)

2018 The lonely boys - Lonely boys anthem (papertoy remix)

2018 Kobie Dee - Right now (prod. by papertoy)

2018 birdz x omar musa - about me (prod. by papertoy)

2017 omar musa - everything (prod. by papertoy)

2017 Omar Musa - Assimilate ft. Tasman keith (prod. by papertoy)

2017 Omar musa - cosmic vectra (prod. by papertoy)

2017 omar musa - like a cat move (prod. by papertoy)

2017 omar musa - 33 (prod. by papertoy)

2017 hinhop - untitled ep (prod. by papertoy)

2017 papertoy - overseas ep

2017 - Armzout - new journey (prod. by papertoy)

2017 armzout - shoot shoot (prod by papertoy)

2017 papertoy - on your team

2017 armzout - bag it (prod by papertoy)

2017 - papertoy - do my thing

2016 frenzy - chess moves (prod. by papertoy

2016 Frenzy - dashiki foreign (prod. by papertoy)

2016 frenzy - distance ep (prod. by papertoy)

2016 the tongue - hard feelings LP (prod. by papertoy)

2015 atari jones x papertoy ep

2013 the thundamentals - noodle soup (prod. by papertoy)



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